Totality Martial Arts & Fitness 

Self Defense*Conditioning*Teamwork 

This complete martial arts curriculum has been designed to bring the best of traditional & modern training methods together for all of the ranges of hand to hand combat. With coaching from tenured experts in martial arts and conditioning instruction, you can be sure to get the best work out of your life along with learning essential & practical self defense skills. Great for men & women, for serous enthusiasts as well as those who are just looking for an awesome way to get into shape & have fun.     

Martial Arts for Every Body!

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Adult (13+) Classes offered weekly



These contact based classes offer a great workout while focusing on standing attacks & defense utilizing the Science of the 8 Limbs Muay Thai & San Shou (free fighting techniques) from the Mantis Boxing System, using kicks, knees, elbows, strikes, counters, clinching, throws & takedowns.

Conditioning & medium to full contact training

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (submission wrestling) provides practical & effective grappling designed for any woman or man to take the advantage, use leverage and overcome brute strength. With intense conditioning & live drilling, practitioners will safely learn proven life saving techniques in real time with resistance. This has proven time & again to be one of the most effective martial arts in the world, and a necessary addition to any standing or striking art.

Medium to full contact & close contact training


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Mantis Chin-Na: Standing Grappling

The Chinese grappling art Chin-Na translates as ‘to seize & control’ is a standing grappling & takedown system with 108 techniques & an infinite variety of variation according to the opponents resistance, response & position. Mantis refers to the praying mantis insect and its predatory hooking & trapping abilities. This compliments BJJ as well as San Shou Kickboxing perfectly.

The techniques are broken down into 5 major categories:1) Joint Locks, Joint Dislocation & Controlling 2 or more of the opponents joints simultaneously 2)Muscle & Tendon Division (Cutters& Slices) 3) Sealing the Blood Strikes & Chokes 4)Sealing the Breath Strikes & Cranks 5) Pressure Point Strikes & Control

Medium to full contact & close contact training

Combat Escrima: Impact Weapons Training 

This Escrima, or Filipino martial art, and Shaolin Kung Fu based class offers a straight forward, practical and effective method for training with blunt & edged weapons. This class studies the use of the Long staff (cudgel), double and single short sticks, knives, swords & machetes, both offensively and defensively,armed & empty handed, counters, control and disarms.


Conditioning & light to medium contact training (sparring is encouraged, while full contact sparring is optional & reserved for advanced practitioners)

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GOLDEN HARMONY Kung fu Forms & Function

"Love yourself, sow Peace with others and you will reap Harmony with the world around you"

At the core of Totality Martial Arts is the 1,500 year old martial art of Northern Shaolin Praying Mantis Kung Fu. Kung Fu translates as ‘hard work to achieve great skill’. Shaolin Praying Mantis refers to the Chinese boxing style developed by the monks at Shaolin Monastery, the birthplace of Chan/Zen Buddhism. This system offers deep insight into human body mechanics and the physics of movement. What is unique is that the conditioning & training methods promote good health beyond being fight fit. Dynamic flexibility, coordination, strength & the Chan mindset all developed in this class.

Training in this class is more focused on Taolu (Kata or Forms): fluid sequences of technique that program body alignment & proper mechanics. Open handed forms as well as traditional weapons such as the Long Staff, 3- Sectional Staff, Spear & Broadsword are practiced. This practice is perfect for those wanting to explore primal and structural body movement conditioning.

Physical conditioning & light contact training with an emphasis on flexibility, coordination & dynamic strength

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