This yoga studio is one of the best I’ve been to, anywhere. The teachers, setting and fellow practitioners make me very happy.
— Susie D

— Rosemary E

My Trainer has made it possible for me to be fit and balanced again after a bout with Lyme and other health issues. I have worked with Gordon for over a year, both taking Qi Gong classes and personal training with him. I am more fit and flexible and I can actually sit cross-legged again and stand on one foot! one very happy client!
— Joyce H

I began taking yoga classes about 2 years ago and realized I should have done it decades ago. Not only is the yoga fantastic for your body but also mentally. I adore my instructor, Susan is professional, helpful, caring and has an extremely friendly disposition. I have made so many new friends and I love the facilities.
— Susan W

Incredible martial arts, talented students, phenomenal instruction! All are welcome, and made to feel so!
— Kim W

Last time I was at the Strength & Balance Class I was really struck by the number of people (mostly older) who were working out on the machines. I had a vision at that moment of a very buff older community walking around Sperryville.
I would have been too intimidated to work out at any gym but I think I will do just fine at Stonewall Abbey gym & the location is perfect.
— Cheri W

Gordon was my trainer for over two years and ultimately helped me lose over 80 lbs. I will be forever grateful for his unwavering support for me on my fitness and weight loss journey. Stonewall Abbey offers many fun and challenging classes for the entire family and all of the instructors are phenomenal!
— Janice B

I have been working with a trainer for several years now. During that time, he has helped me lose an amazing amount of weight - 100#!!! He has also worked around old injuries and a debilitating disease. I have gotten stronger, more fit and mobile than I have ever been.
It’s been a journey of life-affirming surprises.
The trainers and instructors bring a vast knowledge and understanding of the body to their training, coupled with empathy, humor, and a personal touch. There are classes for everyone, with a variety of modalities to fit your needs. I highly recommend Stonewall Abbey Wellness!
— Betty M

Aspiring to Lift Body, Mind & Spirits with classes for all ages and demographics, state of the art equipment and programming, we are truly committed to providing the very best in fitness and wellness options for you and your family, here at home in Rappahannock.
— Susan & Gordon (owners & instructors)